Driving Lessons Gloucester – Driving Test Pass – Luke Mayo of Abbeydale, Gloucester, 24th May 2019.

Congratulations to Luke Mayo of Abbeydale, Gloucester, who passed his driving test first time at Gloucester test centre on May 24th 2019, with his driving instructor, Jess Barker.

With only 25 hours of driving practice under his belt, Luke delivered an amazing drive, and fully deserved to come away with his pass certificate. Lukes achievement in getting a first time pass in only 25 hours ranks very highly in this years driving tests, so we take our hats off to him and his instructor, Jess.

Jess said that with Lukes 18th birthday coming up, he can add car shopping to his list, sends her congratulations and will see him on the road.

All of us at John Lowe Driving send our best wishes to Luke, wish him all the best for the future, welcome him to the first time pass club and thank him for using John Lowe Driving for his lessons.

If you would like to learn to drive as quickly and successfully as Luke, get in touch!

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