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The city of Gloucester is where most of us live and we are familiar with the 11th century cathedral, with its Romanesque and Gothic architecture and the nearby Gloucester Docks and Quays.

It’s all in the process of major renovations, which have been highly impressive and successful. These massive improvements have bought Gloucester to the top rank of tourist and visitor experiences.

The city is getting busier!

Learning to drive anywhere will have it’s challenges, so don’t let a busy city put you off!

John Lowe Driving School have been operating since 1980, originally in London and since 1989 in Gloucester, and thousands of students have used our driving school to achieve customer success and earned their full driving licences.

We have solutions to all of the general queries that arise before you start your lessons, from affordable deals and packages available for new beginners, as well as the option to block book and save money. We are proud to offer reasonable prices coupled to assured quality.

At John Lowe Driving you will have the choice of manual or automatic driving lessons and both male and female driving instructors who are all CRB checked and DVSA registered for your comfort and protection.

The cars are all very modern with air con, power brakes, power steering and sat nav. They are kept clean and maintained to the highest standard.

Your driving lessons will be client centred, meaning that you will learn at your own pace and comfort, your driving instructor only taking you to the next level when you are both agreed.

We never forget that it is your lesson!

As one of the driving schools in Gloucestershire known for its customer service, we would like you to join the 150 students a week who are currently having their lessons with us. Hundreds of people from Gloucester have passed their tests with John Lowe Driving over the years, so why not you?


We have an outstanding taster pack for learner drivers, with our 4 lesson introductory offer costing just £89, which saves £23 against the normal price. See our prices page for full details.

Give us a call and book your driving lessons in Gloucester today!

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Meet some or our students from Gloucester who have passed their tests.



Passed, Jacob Enon of Gloucester, 30th September 2019

A superb first time pass for Jacob Enon of Gloucester on 30th September 2019, with only three minor faults! To pass at the first attempt to the standard achieved by Jacob is not easy to do, so Jacob deserves every congratulation.

He kept his nerve under the pressure of the driving test and applied all of the skills he had acquired during his lessons with his driving instructor, Tom Lowe, to achieve his success.

All of us at John Lowe Driving wish Jacob every success for the future, welcome him to the first time pass club and thank him for using our driving school.








Passed, Ben Mason of Gloucester, 8th July, 2019.

Another first time pass for our brilliant driving instructor, Sara Povey,this time the honours go to Ben Mason, who passed his driving test at the first attempt on 8th July 2019.

Sara was proud of and delighted for Ben and wanted to leave this review of her time as Ben’s instructor:

“I really enjoyed teaching Ben as his progress came on quite quickly as he was able to take decisions himself. I wish him all the best with his driving, well done and a great result!”

All of us at John Lowe Driving agree with Sara and wish Ben the very best for the future, welcome him to the first time pass club and thank him for using our driving school.

Passed, Luke Robb of Gloucester, 24th June 2019.

Congratulations to Luke Robb on a superb first time driving test pass on 24th June 2019 at Gloucester test centre, with his driving instructor, Sara Povey.

Luke has passed his test extremely quickly, having only been driving since May 10th! A great round of applause must go to him and Sara for such an achievement.

Sara said of Luke:

“Luke has a high level of listening skill and this is why he has been able to progress at the exceptional speed that he has. He listened and took on board what’s needed to be a good driver, on top of what’s expected for the driving test. 

If there was one attribute when learning, it’s being able to listen and digest well and any hard parts of driving are overcome sooner as understanding becomes clearer.

Luke was very much a natural as he was motivated and put in effort happily. His result was well deserved as he is a safe and considerate driver on the road. It was a brilliant effort.”

As a driving school, we are delighted to have driving instructors as well trained and skilful as Sara Povey, who are able to bring out the best in all students. Well done Luke and Sara!

All of us at John Lowe Driving are delighted for Luke, wish him every success for the future, welcome him to the first time pass club and thank him for using our driving school.


If you are considering whether to take the plunge and learn to drive, Lukes driving test pass must impress you.

You can do it too!

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Passed, Luke Mann of  Gloucester 5th June, 2019.

A great drive for Luke Mann, resulted in a driving test pass with only a few minor faults at Gloucester test centre on 5th June 2019, with his driving instructor, Tom Lowe.

Luke had prepared well for his test and got the rewards and can now have a great summer on the road. We look forward to seeing him out there.

All of us at John Lowe Driving send our best wishes to Luke, wish him every success and thank him for using our driving school.









A review from Finn Newbould who passed on 30th April 2019.

“Tom was a great driving instructor which allowed me to pass my test first time. I enjoyed every minute of my driving lessons, as I felt at ease and comfortable.

I could ask Tom for advice at any time and he would always give me his best interest. He was always patient and reassuring.

Also, Tom was completely reliable and I would recommend him and his driving school to any new learners wanting to learn with confidence.”

Passed, Sarah Passey of Gloucester, 4th April 2019.

Congratulations To Sarah Passey on her fabulous first time driving test pass at Gloucester on April 4th 2019, with her driving instructor, SaraPovey.

Sara said that Sarah kept faith in her driving to get a well deserved first time pass and that she will make a self evaluating driver who can take her current ability to more advanced levels as she progresses, keeping safety as the number one goal….. well done Sarah!

All of us at John Lowe Driving wish Sarah the very best for the future, welcome her to the first time pass club and thank her for using our driving school.

We all look forward to seeing Sarah around in her car.

Passed, Ed Scott of Gloucester, 26th March 2019.

Another great driving test pass at Gloucester Test Centre, this time the honours go to Ed Scott of Gloucester, who succeeded on 26th March 2019, with his driving instructor, Tom Lowe.

This could not come at a better time for Ed, as he has just completed his final year at Hartpury College and is looking round for the job he really specialises in. Being able to drive will be a huge benefit in his career search.

Ed said he was so happy and wished to thank his instructor, Tom Lowe for making the driving lessons fun and enjoyable and for being a reliable instructor.

All of us at John Lowe Driving wish Ed all the best in his job search and thank him for using our driving school.

Passed, Katie Taylor of Gloucester, 24th March 2019.

Many congratulations to Katie Taylor of Gloucester on her first time driving test pass with her driving instructor Tom Lowe.

Katie worked very hard throughout her driving lessons and really deserved to pass first time, as she put in an excellent drive on her test day, both before and during the test.

All of us at John Lowe Driving wish Katie all the best for the future, welcome her to the first time pass club and thank her for using our driving school.

We look forward to seeing Katie out and about on the road!









Passed, Brianny Witts of Gloucester.

Congratulations to Brianny Witts on a superb first time driving test pass  at Gloucester Driving Test Centre on June 11th 2018.

Brianny was delighted with her first time pass with her driving instructor, Tom Lowe.

Brianny said that Tom had helped her a lot along the way, saying that Tom had given her the enthusiasm to learn and all the support and confidence she needed which resulted in her fantastic first time pass.

Brianny Witts, driving lessons Gloucester

Passed, Savannah Stokes of Gloucester, 22nd February 2019.

Congratulations to Savannah Stokes of Gloucester, who passed her driving test on February 22nd, 2019 in Gloucester, with her driving instructor, Jess Barker.

Apart from keeping up her high standards in normal driving, Savannah has been practising the higher speeds required sometimes on country lanes, as she was quite nervous on them at one time.

Her hard work has paid off with this tremendous driving test pass!

Savannah is now shopping around for her own car and we hope this goes well for her and she finds just what she wants.

Jess and all of us at John Lowe Driving send our best wishes to Hollie and thank her for using our driving school.

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