Driving Lessons In Abbeymead

You can expect top quality local driving lessons from our well known instructors in Abbeymead, Abbeydale and the city.

The car that you will learn in will be clean, modern and comfortable, with all the additions such as dual controls for your safety, power steering and air conditioning.

Our team of male and female driving instructors are of the highest order and you will find them to be professional, friendly and patient. They are all registered with the DVSA and have been CRB checked for your safety and comfort.

Our instructors are trained to a high standard and are confident with every type of learner driver, so if you are nervous – don’t worry, it’s quite normal and your instructor will settle you in to being behind the wheel in no time.

Your driving lessons will follow a structured course, which will gradually evolve, maintaining the quality, without being overwhelming. These modern techniques will prove successful when you take your test and will set you up for an independent and safe lifetime of driving.

As one of the driving schools in Gloucestershire known for its customer service, we would like you to join the 150 students a week who are currently having their lessons with us. Hundreds of people from Abbeymead, Abbeydale and Upton St. Leonards have passed their tests with John Lowe Driving over the years, so why not you?

Meet some of our successful students from the Abbeymead area who have passed their driving tests with John Lowe Driving:

Passed, Luke Mayo of Abbeydale, Gloucester 24th May 2019.

Congratulations to Luke Mayo of Abbeydale, Gloucester, who passed his driving test first time at Gloucester test centre on May 24th 2019, with his driving instructor, Jess Barker.

With only 25 hours of driving practice under his belt, Luke delivered an amazing drive, and fully deserved to come away with his pass certificate. Lukes achievement in getting a first time pass in only 25 hours ranks very highly in this years driving tests, so we take our hats off to him and his instructor, Jess.

Jess said that with Lukes 18th birthday coming up, he can add car shopping to his list, sends her congratulations and will see him on the road.

All of us at John Lowe Driving send our best wishes to Luke, wish him all the best for the future, welcome him to the first time pass club and thank him for using John Lowe Driving for his lessons.









Passed, Lyam Foster of Abbeymead, Gloucester 9th May 2019.

Congratulations to Lyam Foster of Abbeymead on a great driving test pass at Gloucester with his driving instructor, Tom Lowe on May 9th 2019.

All of us at John Lowe Driving send our best wishes to Lyam, wish him all the best for the future and thank him for using John Lowe Driving for his lessons.


Passed, Millie Loveridge of Abbeymead, Gloucester, 26th September 2018.

Very well done and congratulations to Millie Loveridge of Abbeymead, Gloucester, who passed her driving test on September 26th 2018 with her instructor, Tom Lowe.
Millie took her test from Gloucester test centre, kept her cool and remembered the best approach, passing with very few faults recorded. A really good drive, which requires a lot of skill and concentration.
Tom sends his best wishes and all of us at John Lowe Driving hope to see Millie on the road soon and thank her for using our driving school.


Passed, Will Baldwin of Abbeymead, Gloucester.

Huge congratulations to Will Baldwin of Abbeymead, Gloucester, on a fantastic driving test pass, on July 25th at Gloucester test centre, with his driving instructor, Tom Lowe. Will drove brilliantly in the recent heatwave, which resulted in a fine test pass.
All of us at John Lowe Driving School wish Will all the best on the road ahead and thank him for using our driving school.

Passed, Anna Garner of Abbeymead, Gloucester.

Congratulations to Anna Garner, of Abbeymead, Gloucester, who passed her driving test from Gloucester Driving Test Centre, with her driving instructor, Jess Barker, on April 11th 2018.

Anna put in a great drive on her test and succeeded with only two minor driving faults, which is very impressive!

Jess said that Anna worked really hard on her driving lessons on building her confidence in the car and correcting any bad habits and it has paid off as she now drives smoothly and safely. Jess added, “well done, Anna, it’s been a pleasure!”

All of us at John Lowe Driving wish Anna the very best and thank her for using our driving school.

Passed, Zak Battin of Abbeymead, Gloucester, 18th January 2019.

Huge congratulations to Zak Battin of Abbeymead, Gloucester, who successfully passed his driving test at Gloucester with his driving instructor, Tom Lowe, on 18th January 2019.

Zak performed really well on his test, only picking up two minor faults and was thrilled with his result, as he can now drive himself to work at Staverton.

Tom sends his best wishes for the future to Zak and all of us at John Lowe Driving  send our congratulations and thank him for using our driving school.

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