Where Do I Start?

So, your decision is made. You are going to learn to drive, perhaps as a brand new learner, or to pick up where you left off in the past.

There is a mountain of information out there, all of which can be found online, or from friends and relatives, as every driver has a story to tell about their learning experiences.

The world is ever changing and rules and requirements change with it, so in the following articles we will take you through the best ways to have a trouble free learning experience.

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Make Sure You Are Legal.

Make Sure You Are Legal. Firstly it’s a good idea to get the formalities out of the way.

You must make sure that you are legal, before you can drive on the roads, and then you can think about the interesting things.

Follow the information below.

You will need:

A provisional driving licence.
To check your eyesight.
To know the laws regarding private practise.

Which School Or Instructor

Which School or Instructor? Making the correct decision when choosing the approach that will suit you is crucial and can have an enormous impact on your progress towards your full driving licence.

Click onto Google and you will see numerous driving schools in the Gloucester and Cheltenham areas alone, so how do you go about making that important decision?

Do you want a friend or relative to teach you, or would you rather have professional tuition from a qualified driving instructor? Private practice with friends and relatives is usually useful, but to get to the bottom of the ever changing rules, regulations and test routes, an experienced local driving school is what you need.

One of the best and most reliable ways to choose your instructor is through personal recommendation from a friend.

The internet is another good choice for researching your driving school, but beware of the national driving schools, who frequently use only part qualified instructors and will often switch instructors, so you are never sure who will turn up! Not a great experience.

It’s best to use a local driving school, whose cars you can see around and whose instructors are reliable and regular. Your instructor should be fully qualified and up to date with the latest regulations.

What Will The Lesson Be Like?

Your driving lessons will be properly structured to ensure that you receive full value for money, and of course to see that learning takes place.

For a more detailed look at how your lesson will be composed, have a look at the structure of a lesson.

What Will I Learn?

On your lessons, you will learn all you need to become a safe driver, good enough to pass the tests, after which you will be considered able to drive unaccompanied to develop your new found skills.

There is a lot to take in, but your knowledge will progress at a steady rate, as it can’t all be learnt at once.

By the time you arrive at the test centre, the coaching you will have received will have given you all the skills you need to pass that test and beyond.

You will, of course, by that stage, have already passed the theory and hazard perception tests.

Use this link to take you to “From Novice to Test – The Curriculum.” for detailed notes on the skills you will pick up.

What About The Theory Test?

Your instructor will keep you up to speed on the theory and hazard perception tests, but we have some information to get you started here.

Who Are The Examiners and How Is It Marked?

For the detailed answers to these questions go to:

Learning To Drive – The Complete Journey.

There is a lot of information in this section, but scroll down and you will find what you want.

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