Driving Examiners Strike: December 2022 and January 2023.

Driving tests will be affected in December and January when examiners who are members of the PCS union take strike action over pay and conditions.

These strikes will be on a regional basis from December 13th to January 16th, rolling through different areas on different days.

Our area in the Southwest will be affected  between Wednesday 4th January and Tuesday 10th of January.

Will Gloucester Test Centre Be Affected?

Not all driving examiners will take strike action, as they may not be part of the PCS union, or they decide to keep working for other reasons, but there is no way to find out in advance.

What Should I Do If My Test Falls Between These Dates?

As you cannot find out in advance whether or not your test will take place, you should attend for your test and it might be a normal test day and everything works as it should, but if your test has been affected then you will be informed on arrival and you will receive a new test date by email or phone.

If you are unlucky and your test is cancelled, you are entitled to claim out of pocket expenses.

It is important to attend the test, because if you don’t you will not receive a rescheduled test, whether or not your examiner was taking part in the strike.

If you are concerned about this news, Tom or Lisa at John Lowe Driving will do all they can to help.