Welcome to Toms Tips, a series of brief tips and reminders from Tom Lowe, who owns and runs John Lowe Driving, of what you can expect when you tackle each new driving topic.

As the title suggests, these tips are very brief and much more information on each subject can be found if you click here, which will take you to Learning To Drive – The Complete Journey, which you can also find in the Information Page on this website.  

The best source of knowledge and information, however, will always be available to you in the shape of your driving instructor, who will always ensure that you have covered and understand each subject before moving on.

Much of what you will have to learn and understand is ongoing, meaning you will build knowledge, confidence and ability through planned practise as your lessons progress, so don’t feel that you will be expected to have mastered every topic after the initial lesson, as it takes practise to gain some skills, but you will!

Take a look at our Latest Passes page, these students have all achieved success in their driving and Toms Tips will help you too.

Coming soon – Toms Tips No.1 – Your First Driving Lesson.