Welcome again to Tom’s Tips. In this post we’ll look at how to safely deal with one way streets.

In general they are fairly straightforward, but problems can arise causing a driving test failure, the most common fault being the correct position to emerge right at the end of the one way street.

If you understand the following rules and abide by them, practise thoroughly with your John Lowe Driving instructor and remember you’re on a different kind of road, you should have no problems.

Traffic must travel in the direction indicated by the signs.

Buses and / or cycles may have a contra-flow lane.

Do not change lanes suddenly.

Unless road signs or markings indicate otherwise, you should use:

  • The left hand lane when going left, or left hand side, if unmarked.
  • The right hand lane when going right, or right hand side, if unmarked.
  • The most appropriate lane when going ahead.

Remember: you can overtake on the left, so expect others to overtake you on the left.

Remember: M S P S L at all times.

Sometimes road signs are turned or obscured. Look for the way the cars are facing, or the “grey” backs of 2 circular signs.(Circular signs give orders and the only time they appear at the end of a road is “No Entry”,thus indicating the end of a one way street.)

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