Toms Tips, #5, Meeting, Crossing and Overtaking Other Vehicles Safely.

Welcome to Toms Tips, #5.

In this post we’ll revise the main part of the lessons in Meeting, Crossing and Overtaking safely.

Meeting Approaching Traffic.

This can cause a danger of conflict with other road users. The most usual situation is where there is an obstruction such as a parked car in the road ahead.

  • Use M S P S L.
  • Anticipate actions of others.
  • Give way where necessary.
  • Do not squeeze through.

Crossing Traffic.

This usually means turning right into a side road or driveway, but the same safety principles apply when emerging to turn right.

You need less of a gap to cross and it must be timed to a larger gap when joining traffic on the far side of the road. In other words, do not affect vehicles on your left as you emerge.

  • Use M S P S L.
  • Position as close to the middle of the road that is safe, about a tyres width from the centre of the road.
  • Do not affect other drivers.
  • Give way to pedestrians.

Judgement – Have I got time? If you could walk across, you should be able to drive across safely, but if there’s any doubt, don’t go!


First Rule of overtaking. Where can I pull back in safely?

  • Use P S L M S M. (Slightly different order of checks.)
  • Give adequate clearance.
  • Give way if necessary in a meeting situation.
  • Have regard for large and slow vehicles, give them a clear run.
  • Flashing headlights: use your own judgement.
  • Unsafe to overtake: bends, junctions, brow of a hill, cyclists or horses just before you turn left.
  • Make sure you have enough power. It may be necessary to change down a gear.
  • Find out when you can overtake on the left.

Remember: Is it safe? Is it legal? Is it within my capabilities?

“My instructor, Tom Lowe, concentrated quite a lot on this subject on my lessons, and I’m glad to have had the experience, because I live in a congested area, but it was not a problem after I passed my driving test, as I had practised a lot.”

Connor Sharples, Gloucester.

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