German police have reported that an 18 year old has recently managed to lose his driving licence just 49 minutes after passing his driving test!

He was on his way back from the test centre, when his car was checked with a laser speed gun and was found to be travelling at twice the speed limit, 60mph in a 30mph zone.

The German police officer wrote in his report that “some things last forever – others not for an hour.”

The police added that he had four friends in the car and suggested that he may have been trying to impress them with his driving skills.

The teenager has been formally banned for a month, but will only get his licence back after what police describe as “expensive retraining.” He has also been fined 200 euros, been awarded penalty points and a four year probationary period as a new driver.

Holding a full licence for 49 minutes is probably a record, unless anybody out there knows better!

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