Customer Review from Gemma Lawson of Churchdown 1st February, 2019.

After a snowfall overnight, the area around Gloucester and Churchdown was snow covered to varying degrees.

This gave our students the chance to drive in snowy conditions with the help and assurance from our qualified driving instructors. Gemma Lawson of Churchdown had her first lesson in such conditions today, with the help of her driving instructor, Tom Lowe and this is what she had to say of the unusual experience:

“We had some snow overnight here and I was wondering if my  driving lesson would go ahead and was pleased when my instructor, Tom Lowe turned up as usual, so I had my driving lesson in snowy conditions today.”

Tom explained that the main roads were clear and that we would avoid any high ground and side roads that were still covered to minimise any skid risks. We agreed before the drive to be gentle in accelerating, braking and steering and to read the road to anticipate what other drivers were doing. He reminded me of the importance of the use of mirrors in these conditions and never to drive if the windows and lights were obscured by snow or ice and to keep a much larger distance from other vehicles.

I felt the experience really useful having learnt what to expect and to adapt my driving to the conditions on the road. It was a really valuable lesson.”

Gemma Lawson.

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