Police officers in three pilot areas, Thames Valley, Hampshire and the West Midlands are taking part in an initiative that will probably be rolled out nationwide, to catch some of the many drivers who get behind the wheel with poor eyesight.

Should you be stopped for any reason by the police in these areas, you will have to pass a basic eyesight test, as used in the driving test, before continuing on your journey. If you fail the test, (reading a car number plate from a distance of 20 meters), you will have your licence revoked there and then and will be unable to carry on driving. What a drag that would be, when a simple eyesight test and a pair of specs would avoid the hassle and keep yourself and everybody else safe.

So, if you have been driving for a while and are unsure of your vision, get your eyes tested!

At John Lowe Driving, we always check the eyesight of every new student who joins us and we make sure their eyesight is up to standard before their driving test.

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